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2 Aug 2013

Honey Bee Life Cycle, The Making of Honey

After the bee queen lay the eggs in the cells of honeycomb, when it laid it stands vertically but each day it changes position for example the it is vertically in the first day, second day it bends over, on the third day it lays on its side, and on …

Honey for Diabetics, Can Diabetics Eat Honey ?

Can Diabetics Eat Honey ?
Absolutely, diabetics can and may use honey if their calories diet allow it, if sugar is a necessary evil, then you might want to consider honey as a healthier substitute, we have thoroughly discussed the subject of Substituting Sugar with Honey previously, but in this article we will talk about …

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9 Jul 2013

How Honeybees Make Honey ? and Why ?

Step 1: Collecting the Materials
In order for honeybees to make honey, they have travel a very long distance to collect nectar, approximately 55,000 miles, nectar is basically a mixture of honey and sucrose (80% water, 20% sugar) and its found in the blossoming trees or flowers , honey bees land on flowers and …

Honey for Immune System.The Benefits of Honey for Health

The immune system is a very complex network of interacting cells, tissues, and organs that protects the body against attacks from outsiders like microbes, bacteria and viruses.
The human body is an ideal environment for outsiders, it provides shelter, warmth and food.
The immune system’s job is to keep the outsiders …

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