How to Distinguish Between Pure and Artificial Honey !!

pure oragnic honeyThe purity of honey depends on the process which honey has been handled after the extraction, its what happens to the honey after the extraction that makes it pure or not, for marketing reasons some people will heat the honey to give it a clearer and darker look, which in return breaks down the beneficial enzymes in honey, another reason for the impurity of honey is greediness, where people mix honey with sugar solution or in some cases mix sugar with some other chemicals to come up with something that looks like honey and tastes like honey and then claim that its indeed honey, how evil is that.

Honey syrup is not necessarily made of honey, sometimes its a mixture of honey and sugar, other times its solely sugar, but honey syrup is only used in food, mostly pancakes and sweets, so nobody actually cares about the benefits of honey syrup as long as it tastes good, although we encourage you to try Pure Raw Honey instead of honey syrup as a healthier alternative.



How to Recognize Pure Authentic Honey


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The first thing to do before or after buying a jar of honey is to take a closer look at the honey, are there any floating particles in it ?, is it blurry ? can you see any small bubbles?.Pure honey contains particles and residues that came from the hive, those particles aren’t in any way harmful to the body, sometimes you might find a dead ant in the jar but its totally fine, honey contains hydrogen peroxide which kills any bacteria or germs in the honey and that’s why honey has a long shelf life.

Honey Taste and Scent

Authentic honey is fairly thick, it takes time to move from one side of the jar to the other, on the other hand fake honey is very light, but not always, authentic honey doesn’t get dissolved in water its gets diluted when stirred for a while, when you pour water in a cup that has honey, honey stays coherent and doesn’t get diluted unless its stirred or kept in the water for long time, fake honey gets dissolved right away.

nother thing to note is the taste of honey, when you eat a spoon of honey, the taste vanishes in a matter of minutes if the honey is authentic, if its not, the taste will remain for a little longer because of the presence of sugar.

If you are a little expert in honey, or you have used authentic honey before you could recognize its purity by smelling the honey, authentic honey has a mild scent, sometimes you could actually smell the followers that the nectar was collected from. 

How to Practically Test the Purity of Honey

1. The first method is to put the honey in the freezer, authentic honey does not get effected by heat or cold, if it crystallizes and the color changes, then its probably not pure, and it has sugar in it.

2. Take a metal spoon, put a little amount of honey on it, and light a lighter underneath the spoon or you can use the stove, fake honey contains a lot of sugar, sugar consists of carbon, those carbons turn black when heated, so if the honey turns black then its probably not pure, if it boils and gets a little darker then its good.

P.S: The spoon edges might turn black when heated, that does not mean that the honey is fake.

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